Calls to save coastline ahead of winter wipeout

Calls to save coastline ahead of winter wipeout

Posted on: 03 April 2023

South Australian Liberal MPs have joined community leaders, local clubs and concerned residents at the Save Our Beaches rally, calling on the Malinauskas Labor Government to deliver a long-term solution to replenish the mass erosion of sand at West Beach and Henley Beach.

The former Liberal Government had a plan – developed in consultation with independent experts – which was cancelled and not replaced by Labor.

The situation has now become so dire, beach accessways have been closed off to the public because they’re unsafe, volunteers at the Henley Surf Life Saving Club have been forced to shovel sand so rescue vehicles can use its ramp, and there are grave fears the beaches simply will not withstand stormy weather this winter.

Member for Colton Matt Cowdrey said it’s unacceptable the Malinauskas Labor Government is continuing to stick its head in the sand as locals watch these beaches disappear before their eyes.

“Our beaches are a vital part of our community and if we don’t act now to save them, we risk losing them forever,” Mr Cowdrey said.

“The former Liberal Government had a plan that would have seen the construction of a sand recycling pipeline between Semaphore and West Beach.

“Despite Labor installing a similar, successful pipeline on the southern section of beaches between Glenelg and Kingston Park, they cancelled the project and are hiding behind reviews instead of taking any real action.

“We need real solutions, but Labor’s just sitting on their hands while this sand washes away - creating a dangerous environment for beachgoers and destroying the coastal environment. The longer we wait, the more damage will be done.”

Shadow Assistant Minister for Environment and Heritage Jack Batty said Peter Malinauskas needs to act now, otherwise we won’t have these beaches to enjoy in the future.

“It’s frightening this has reached the point where surf life savers at Henley Beach can’t do their job properly because there’s a deep drop at the end of the ramp emergency vehicles use to get to the beach,” Mr Batty said.

“Sand currently being trucked into Henley Beach and Henley Beach South is just a band aid solution and, quite frankly, is too little too late with the new sand already washing away.

“We need mass sand on our beaches and there is simply no time to waste.”