Jobs Growth Flatline the Centrepiece of Malinauskas' Beginner Budget

Jobs Growth Flatline the Centrepiece of Malinauskas' Beginner Budget

Posted on: 02 June 2022

Local jobs growth will be on life support under the Malinauskas Labor Government while South Australians have been left to struggle against intense cost of living pressures by themselves.

Flanked by Treasurer Stephen Mullighan, Peter Malinauskas has delivered a beginner’s Budget that will see 20,000 fewer jobs created, a slashed public sector and next to no cost of living support.

Hidden in the fine print:

  • Jobs growth rate will plummet from 3.25% to a tiny 1%.
  • More than $700 million in cuts to government services and jobs.
  • NO funding for universal three-year-old pre-school.
  • NO broad cost of living support.
  • NO tax relief.
  • Abolished $15.5 million of funding for Government supported traineeships.
  • Net debt to increase to almost $34 billion in the next four years.

Following the shock North-South Corridor delay, the Department for Infrastructure and Transport has been commanded to achieve savings targets that double the average efficiency dividend requirement.

“Peter Malinauskas’ Budget predicts there will be fewer jobs and fewer opportunities, but the real kick in the guts comes when South Australians find out there’s no new cost of living support,” Leader of the Opposition David Speirs said.

“Employment growth is guaranteed to flatline under Peter Malinauskas who has delivered an anti-jobs Budget with no plan to keep South Australians in work.

“South Australians crossing their fingers for urgent cost of living support in this rapidly changing economic environment have been spectacularly let down by Peter Malinauskas.”

Shadow Treasurer Matt Cowdrey said Peter Malinauskas’ cruel cuts will impact thousands of South Australians.

“Peter Malinauskas made huge promises during the election but failed to mention the significant cuts and job losses for South Australians,” he said.

“Costs continue to skyrocket under Labor and Treasurer Stephen Mullighan claims he’s reining in the spending, but debt just keeps going up.

“Net debt will balloon to almost $34 billion in the next four years and that’s a cold hard fact.”

Shadow Minister for Finance Heidi Girolamo called Peter Malinauskas a hypocrite.

“The cuts to the Environment Department are outrageous just days after Labor declared a climate emergency,” she said.

“Tourism and Trade and Investment have also been gutted with high savings targets.

“South Australians would be rightly disappointed with this year’s State Budget.”