Labor fails to deliver cost of living relief for everyday South Australians

Labor fails to deliver cost of living relief for everyday South Australians

Posted on: 12 May 2023

Labor’s Federal Budget paints a bleak picture for everyday South Australians, as it fails to deliver broad cost of living relief despite the skyrocketing prices of essentials such as housing, food, and electricity.

While it’s welcome news Labor has listened to Opposition calls to sign up to the National Energy Bill Relief Fund, half of South Australian households won’t receive any relief.

Under the Malinauskas Labor Government, the average South Australian family of four is already almost $17,000 a year worse off – but the Federal Labor Budget has ignored those battling rising mortgage payments, prices and rents.

This is why the Opposition has been calling for Peter Malinauskas to make available a $250 energy rebate to households not covered by the Federal Government’s scheme in the upcoming State Budget. The Victorian, Queensland and Western Australian Governments provided energy rebates to all residential households this financial year.

The Budget has also taken an axe to Australia’s space industry and leaves major question marks over significant South Australian infrastructure projects.

Alarmingly, the Budget also forecasts a South Australian brain drain – with 12,200 people predicted to leave the state over the next four years as we already struggle to attract skilled workers - a huge blow for industry as the state prepares for AUKUS.

Shadow Treasurer, Matt Cowdrey, said Peter Malinauskas has failed to stand up for South Australians.

“The Opposition has long been calling on Peter Malinauskas to provide broad cost of living relief for South Australians who are facing increasing pressures on their household budgets, but once again he’s failed to deliver,” Mr Cowdrey said.

“While we’re glad he’s listened to our calls when it comes to energy rebates for South Australians doing it toughest, it just doesn’t go far enough.

“Everyday South Australian households are left to the do the heavy lifting, while the Budget puts all the pressure on the Reserve Bank to increase mortgage rates.

“Right now, it appears Labor has no plan to help South Australians with the cost of living crisis. With the State Budget just a month away, Peter Malinauskas and Stephen Mullighan must go back to the drawing board and come up with a way to help all South Australians in need during these tough times.”

Shadow Minister for Finance and Tax Reform, Heidi Girolamo, said the Federal Budget will be devastating news for many South Australian families who’d been hoping for cost of living relief.

“Opposition analysis shows the average South Australian family is already $16,886 worse off per year under the Malinauskas Labor Government – or $324 a week – yet this Budget does nothing when it comes to easing that pain,” Ms Girolamo said.

“It’s also disturbing at a time when we’re crying out for skilled workers in South Australia, it’s predicted thousands of people are set to flee the state under Labor – especially when the former Liberal Government reversed the brain drain.

“Once again, Labor is showing its true colours with its city-centric thinking – offering up very little for regional and rural South Australians.

“The State Budget is five weeks away now – I hope Peter Malinauskas and Stephen Mullighan do a better job than their Federal Labor colleagues when it comes to reducing hip pocket pain for all South Australians.”