Public holiday frustration leaves Easter egg on Peter Malinauskas’ face

Public holiday frustration leaves Easter egg on Peter Malinauskas’ face

Posted on: 11 April 2023

Mass confusion surrounding the rules of suburban shop trading on public holidays has taken hold once again for frustrated South Australians.

Today, on Easter Monday, South Australians will venture out to shops - for bread or milk - but will be greeted with roller shutters and padlocks.

While the Liberal Opposition is no longer in favour of full deregulation, we maintain there needs to be a sensible compromise and public holidays - except Anzac Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Day - which should be left up to personal choice.

Inside the greater Adelaide district today, shops are NOT PERMITTED to trade if they are over 200sqm or don’t predominately sell flowers, antiques, paintings, garden supplies or a range of other specific goods.

All shops outside the greater Adelaide region, but not in a proclaimed district, are PERMITTED to trade should they wish.

Shadow Treasurer Matt Cowdrey said huge trading success was linked to relaxed trading hours on Easter Monday under the former Liberal Government.

“We know the opening of shops on Easter Monday is a huge hit with local businesses and consumers - the proof is in the pudding and South Australians loved it,” Mr Cowdrey said.

“Easter Monday should be a day of personal choice, but because Peter Malinauskas has snatched that power away from South Australians, there’s more pressure to jam in shopping for essentials over two days instead of three under Labor.

“We also want local businesses to thrive in South Australia, but Peter Malinauskas’ outdated public holiday rules are turning more people towards alternate shopping option which hurts homegrown retailers.

“South Australians were clawing over each at the shops I visited on Saturday just to stock up the fridge with milk and the cupboard with a few loaves of bread.

“And while some people expected shut-up shops on Easter Monday, there were still scores of South Australians confused about the ancient rules Labor has locked in place. On Peter Malinauskas’ watch, public holidays have never been more confusing.”