Shock horror: CFMEU puts the squeeze on local businesses

Shock horror: CFMEU puts the squeeze on local businesses

Posted on: 22 November 2022

A local crane business has been brought to a standstill following disruption by the heavy-handed CFMEU which is threatening to derail building and construction in South Australia.

The John Setka-led CFMEU – infamous for appalling behaviour and standover tactics – has rejected a whopping 16 per cent pay increase for those who work at Crane Services.

The union has launched industrial action with members refusing to work and protesting outside the gates – a devastating blow to the family-owned South Australian business.

The latest CFMEU offensive follows increasing and concerning reports of threatening behaviour by the infamous union.

In response, the South Australian Liberal Party is fast-tracking the introduction of new legislation to protect the construction industry from such behaviour and is calling on Peter Malinauskas to stand up to these thugs and back the Bill.

During consultation on its legislation – which will be introduced during the final week of Parliament – the Opposition has heard disturbing accounts of tactics used by the CFMEU including:

  • Intimidation of sub-contractors.
  • Threatening behaviour.
  • Verbal assault.
  • Increased disruption of worksites.

Leader of the Opposition David Speirs said Peter Malinauskas is to blame for the CFMEU’s attack on local business and industry.

“Businesses under threat of the CFMEU can turn to Peter Malinauskas ask him why he rolled out the red carpet for John Setka,” Mr Speirs said.

“Before the election, the South Australian Labor Party accepted a $125,000 donation from the John Sekta-led Victorian branch of the CFMEU and miraculously just a few months later he marches into to town and takes over the South Australian branch.

“Allowing John Setka’s CFMEU to infest South Australia’s building and construction industry is akin to giving Dracula the keys to the blood blank.

“We warned Peter Malinauskas and now the consequences of his choices mean small and family-run businesses and local jobs are being put at risk.

“Before the election Peter Malinauskas said he would be a ‘pro-business Premier’ but unfortunately his actions since have shown the exact opposite and really just revealed his true colours as a former union boss.”

Shadow Treasurer Matt Cowdrey said South Australia urgently needs its own industry watchdog.

“A South Australian watchdog would help sniff out those who are using tactics of intimidation, threatening behaviour and forcefully disrupting worksites to gain control,” he said.

“We need to ensure the right protection is in place to support South Australian businesses from bad behaviour on construction sites.

“We can’t have a situation where the CFMEU can manipulate local businesses to a point where they beg for mercy.”