South Australians left dazed and confused on another public holiday

South Australians left dazed and confused on another public holiday

Posted on: 15 March 2023

Mass confusion surrounding the rules of suburban shop trading continues to frustrate South Australians who have once again been caught off guard by backwards public holiday rules.

Today, South Australians will venture out to shops - for bread or milk - but will be greeted with roller shutters and padlocks.

Inside the greater Adelaide district, shops are NOT PERMITTED to trade if they are over 200sqm or don’t predominately sell flowers, antiques, paintings, garden supplies or a range of other specific goods.

All shops outside the greater Adelaide region, but not in a proclaimed district, are PERMITTED to trade should they wish.

Shadow Treasurer Matt Cowdrey said the Liberal Party will continue to push for a more balanced shop trading model to better suit South Australians.

“These days should be all about personal choice. It’s 2023 and we shouldn’t have full shopping centres closed on Adelaide Cup Day, or two shops next to each other in other centres, one open, one closed, because of an arbitrary 30sqm of floor space,” Mr Cowdrey said.

“Peter Malinauskas has it all wrong when it comes to shop trading hours and his logic is so bad that it’s leaving South Australians dazed and confused come every public holiday.

“Shops are shut up right across the state today and it means consumers and business owners are missing out on the huge opportunity to spend and earn.

“The Liberal Party maintains all public holidays should be up for grabs, except Anzac Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Christmas Day.

“Peter Malinauskas had the chance to get this right, but our shop trading rules are back to square one.

“South Australians were lucky to receive extended shop trading hours on Sundays, but the needs of busy families and businesses needs to be accounted for and, as it currently stands, Peter Malinauskas needs to do better.”