South Australians poo poo Peter Malinauskas’ SA Water bills rise

South Australians poo poo Peter Malinauskas’ SA Water bills rise

Posted on: 28 June 2024

South Australians will be forced to fork out more than $300 to cover Peter Malinauskas’ failure to address crucial SA Water infrastructure prior to promising the delivery of tens of thousands of new homes during the housing crisis.

Peter Malinauskas’ smoke and mirrors announcement today of additional water bill concessions is, in fact, an initiative that is already in existence.

Today’s announcement means pensioners and concession card holders will be saving just $20 per year.

Despite the cost of living crisis, everyday South Australians will have to find an extra $320 over the next four years to cover water bill increases – but this figure does not consider inflation which means it will likely rise higher.

As South Australians vent their anger at Peter Malinauskas over his botched handling of insufficient SA Water infrastructure, the Opposition can reveal Labor is set to rake in $9 billion in revenue through to 2025-26.

The record revenue – from taxes like stamp duty – means Peter Malinauskas could have used the funds to support SA Water upgrades without charging South Australians who are already struggling to make ends meet.

The former Liberal Government slashed water bills – by more than $200 on average for households and approximately $1,350 for small businesses – to reverse years of the former Labor Government using SA Water as a cash cow and artificially inflating prices.

Leader of the Opposition, David Speirs, slammed Peter Malinauskas for Labor’s lack of priorities.

“Every single dollar increase of SA Water bills that hits South Australians during the cost of living crisis is the fault of Peter Malinauskas and Labor,” Mr Speirs said.

“The least Peter Malinauskas could do is show leadership, put his hand up and admit he got this one wrong, and use record revenue to cover the cost of infrastructure upgrades.

“Instead, Peter Malinauskas is hoarding record revenue to spend big on pet projects when the typical South Australian family is more than $20,000 worse off a year under Labor.

“Peter Malinauskas made the promise of tens of thousands of new homes without even checking with SA Water if the suitable infrastructure was in place and what it might cost.

“This costly mistake is on Peter Malinauskas and Labor.”

Shadow Treasurer, Matt Cowdrey, said South Australians are suffering because of Peter Malinauskas and Labor’s misguided priorities.

“The cost of living crisis is hitting South Australian families and small businesses hard,” Mr Cowdrey said.

“The price of utilities is one of the key concerns for small business owners in South Australia, many of whom are struggling to keep the doors open, and they are now bracing for a hike in SA Water bills under Labor.

“This is what happens when Peter Malinauskas and Labor focus on housing headlines instead of well thought out solutions.”