Stephen Mullighan’s word worthless as Labor policies remain hidden

Stephen Mullighan’s word worthless as Labor policies remain hidden

Posted on: 21 April 2023

Treasurer Stephen Mullighan’s own words appear to be worthless after failing - twice - to ensure Labor’s hidden election policies are published online, despite assuring the public Peter Malinauskas’ promises had been uploaded on the Premier’s website.

On May 26 last year - after the Opposition revealed Labor’s election policies were sneakily deleted from Peter Malinauskas’ personal website - Stephen Mullighan declared on FIVEaa radio:

I can assure you and your listeners we will not only be publishing all of our election commitments not on the Labor Party website, but on the Premier’s own website”.

Months later on October 4, and with Labor’s polices still missing, he told ABC Radio:

“We transferred over our public facing website presence, including the details of our policies and our election commitments from a political party website to a government website”.

Shadow Treasurer Matt Cowdrey said Labor’s election policies are still missing.

“Stephen Mullighan assured the public they would be able to find Labor’s election commitments on the Premier’s website, but they are still nowhere to be seen,” he said.

“It’s been almost a year since Stephen Mullighan promised Labor’s election commitments would be put on Peter Malinauskas’ Premier’s website, so what’s the hold up? It’s embarrassing that Stephen Mullighan must be called out on this again for a third time. The Treasurer hasn’t delivered on the simple undertaking he committed to doing himself.

“We know Peter Malinauskas and Labor are trying to backflip on their promise to fix ramping, it’s important that the public can also see what other election commitments they have broken or plan to break.

“Labor tries to sidestep transparency and accountability at every turn and it’s an easy thing to do if you can’t be judged on the promises and policies you used to get elected.”

In May 2022, the Liberal Party launched the website with Labor’s hidden policies relisted so South Australians can hold Peter Malinauskas to account over his election promises, like his commitment to fix ramping.