West Beach & Districts Community Bank Branch

West Beach & Districts Community Bank Branch

695b Burbridge Road, West Beach 5024

08 8235 0208

[email protected]



All bendigo bank branches operate with the same products, services and operational rules. From a customers point of view, there should not be any obvious difference as regards to completing transactions.
Behind the scenes is different, each Community Bank branch being run by a public company, administered by a board of volunteer directors. The company pays the rent, staff costs, electricity, basically all operating costs of the branch. In turn Bendigo Bank shares on a 50/50 basis any income from deposits raised and loans written at the Community Bank.
With the Community Bank, once all expenses are deducted, there is some funds available for dividend payments (a maximum of 20% of profits), with the remaining profit available for disbursement direct to the local community.
It is this ability for local people to be able to direct funds back into their community that really sets the Community Bank branch apart from all other banks in Australia.